Our Mission

Our mission is to glorify God and expand his kingdom by educating and equipping Christian brothers and sisters from the Dominican Republic and Haiti such that they love and serve their community, share the Gospel, and reproduce disciple-makers.

Our basic function is to connect people with educational, physical, spiritual, or emotional needs with those who can help address them. Volunteers take short-term mission trips to provide hands-on care and construction. Funders help build local infrastructure, provide needed supplies, and grow tomorrow’s leaders.

  • Partners In Christ Impact
  • Many are exposed to scripture, the Gospel, and people truly living out their faith
  • Kids get a better education than government schools
  • Kids are immersed in scripture and the Gospel
  • Students, teachers, leaders can go to university (Bachelor or Master’s degrees)
  • Higher levels of English teaching results in better jobs
  • Exposure to better medical care
  • Regulated blood pressure
  • Parasites are avoided (clean water) or addressed (medicine)
  • Locals are dealing with mental anguish
  • Living conditions are improved with construction projects (homes, school, church)
  • Jobs are created (teaching, medical, construction, computers)
  • Many are experiencing salvation, growth, loving relationships, and discipleship

Our primary needs are volunteers and funding. Please respond to God’s call to GO and to GIVE.

Call (419) 289-2723 for details.
Partners In Christ
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