Mansfield Christian School and Heritage Christian School Canton, Ohio

Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Date: June 17 - July 3

Ray BaddourJune GrayClint MarshallDenny ShanafeltJessica Stedman
Karen BealCandy HunterDan MathewsonGrace ShanafeltLin Stedman
Glenna CarloneCarl KeyLydia MathewsonHeidi ShanafeltCherie Stuckey
Marcia CarloneCraig KeyRon MinonJim ShipleyAdam Troxel
Ruth DixonEric KeyDale NitzscheMaxine ShipleyLinda Troxel
April DurleyPat KeyJohn OliverWendell ShipleyGlenn Wershler
Carolyn DurleySusan KornhausMark PhillipsDebbie Stedman
Joann GamezTerra LanceDean ShanafeltJeremy Stedman

During the 1983 trip we worked at several sites around Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, including church construction in Honduras and at an orphanage. The trip combined students from Mansfield Christian School and Heritage Christian School in Canton, Ohio.

The day we arrived, we stopped along the road and sampled coconut milk sold by Dominicans who would shimmy up the trees and cut down coconuts then open them with a machete
Roberto, a Dominican who worked with us and later moved to the States to study, now lives in Illinois
We also stopped and bought bananas from a street vendor
Church construction in the El Diche area of Santo Domingo
Dale Nitzsche, Mark Phillips and Wendell Shipley at the Honduras Church work site
Part of the team in front of the Honduras Church, Carl Key, Dale Nitzsche, Ray Baddour, Dan Mathewson, Jim Shipley, Eric Key, Cherie Stuckey, Lydra Mathewson, Karen Beal, Susan Kornhaus, Wendell Shipley
Wendell Shipley working on the Church at Honduras
This is the finished church in Honduras in 1985
Eric Key working at the orphanage
Carl Key and Dale Nitzsche check the plans while Eric Key looks on
Susan Kornhaus with Dominican Children
Children from the orphanage with Lydra Mathewson, Marcia Carlone and Grace Shanafelt
Glenna Carlone, Lin Stedman, Dan Mathewson, John Oliver, Maxine Shipley, Candy Hunter, Jeremy Stedman, Ruth Dixon, relaxing
Karen Beal, Glenna Carlone, Ruth Dixon, Debbie Stedman, Lin Stedman, Denny Shanafelt, Heidi Shanafelt, Jereny Stedman, Jessica Stedman, Jim Shipley, Carol Durley interacting with Dominicans
Jessica Stedman washing dishes with Dominican help
Jeremy Stedman
Candy Hunter relaxing on the roof of the dorm
Eric Key and Ray Baddour enjoying a siesta
Craig Key with children from the orphanage 1983