Mansfield Christian School

Location: Caballona, Dominican Republic

Date: July 11 - 31

Ray BaddourVicki ClaxtonRichard HunterMike MaiyerJim Stanley
Bob BechtelMary Ruth CookAlex KelserKaren MeadowsDenise Stedman
Judy BechtelDebbie DixonCarl KeyKathy NitzscheAmy Stierhoff
Stu BechtlerRichard DixonEric KeyEvelyn PetrakCherie Stuckey
Jeff BeineLaura FinleyPat KeyDietlind RothenbuschColleen Sutera
Laura BowerJune GrayBruce KornhausAnnette ShipleyHeather Tingley
Myron BrennerGretchen HaringMark KornhausMaxine ShipleySally Wilging
Angela BurdettJim HaringAmon KwonWendell ShipleyWalter Wilging
Jeff ChannellMike HaringJeff LeggKristin Simms
John ClaxtonMary HumbertMike LookenottDonnell Smith

Kathy Nitzsche, Colleen Sutera, Denise Stedman in the airport
Carl Key arrives early, checking his list
Parents at the Mansfield Lahm Airport
Loading up in Mansfield
Rich Hunter ready to go
Colleen Sutera waves bye in Mansfield
Loading up in Cleveland
Eric Key, Mike Haring and Alex Kelser waiting at the airport in Miami
Sally Wilging and June Gray on the way to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
At last, in the Dominican Republic
Carl Key and Richard Dixon in the airport at Santo Domingo
Annette Shipley in customs at the airport in Santo Domingo
Caballona work site before construction begins
Off to work in Caballona
Arriving on the
Working in the muck at Caballona bailing water out of the cistern
Hard work in Caballona
Work on the volunteer house at Caballona in the rain
Eric Key relaxing, Ray Baddour and Debbie Dixon working
SeƱor Dixon hard at work with a pick
Annette Shipley and Mary Ruth Cook, this is hard work
Work on the auditorium at Caballona
A nearly finished auditorium at Caballona
Swimming in an irrigation channel, it was hot in Caballona
Wendell Shipley lighting the cooking stoves
The mission group at the Nazarine camp where they stayed during the trip to Caballona