How it all Started

In 1981, Carl Key became involved with the Dominican Republic through the 20th anniversary celebration of Mansfield Christian School. He was responsible for planning and coordinating the anniversary project, to celebrate God’s provision through those 20 years.

The Lord used a car wash to raise $60,000. This money facilitated taking a team of 30 students and 20 adults to the D.R to work in Caballona with Haitian immigrants. Since that time, Carl has made at least one trip per year and many years, he made multiple trips.


We were able to get a piece of property in the village of Caballona. Today, there is a church, pastored by one of the guys who came to know the Lord through the early ministry in Caballona. One of the deacons in the church is also a young man who came to know the Lord and is now married and has a family. There is also a Christian school on this property. Over the years, we have sent some teams there to help with construction of both the church and the school. There is also a second Christian school on the opposite side of Caballona.

Partners In Christ Begins

Several years after our first trip to the Dominican Republic, Jim Rosser, Wendell Shipley and Carl Key formed Partners In Christ as a 501 C3 non-profit corporation in the state of Ohio.

They formed it to have a way for Carl to minister to Christian Schools, both in this country and the D.R. It enabled them to receive gifts for which they could then give a tax deduction to use both in the US and abroad. It was also a way for Carl to handle expenses and a base from which to minister. We pray all will be done to God's glory.

The Bible Church of Jesus Christ (IBSJ)

The Bible Church of Jesus Christ (Iglesia Biblica del Señor Jesucristo – IBSJ) (English link via Google Translate) was started 2 years before Carl first went to the D.R. The first Sunday Carl was in the Dominican Republic in March of 1981, he attended Sunday services at the church. This was the beginning of a relationship that has continued to this day. There were many young married couples in the church. In the Spring of 1985, the church realized they needed a school where their children could get an education from a biblical Worldview, instead of a secular worldview offered by the government schools. They contacted Carl and ask him to come and speak to a group of parents.

The Christian School Movement

In March of 1985, Carl was contacted by the Bible Church of Jesus Christ (IBSJ) in Santo Domingo to help them establish a Christian School. They held their first classes in September of 1985. This was the beginning of Logos Christian School and Partners In Christ work with the Christian school movement on the island. Today there are many Christian schools, including Fountain of Life Christian School in Juan Tomás.

Carl Key and his wife Patricia moved to Santo Domingo, in September of 1987. Carl became the Director of Logos Christian school for two years. It was during this time that Carl mentored Lester Flaquer, who now directs the school. It is obvious Lester was God's choice for this position. He has become a leader in the Christian school movement there in the D.R. Carl remains a lifetime consultant to the school and Christian schooling on the island.


ACSI is the Association of Christian School International. Carl Key was among a group of men, who organized ACSI in 1978. It is an organization to help establish and develop schools and to improve training for teachers and administrators. They assist with the professional development of Christian schools.

There is an ACSI office in Santo Domingo at Logos Christian School, which offers annual teachers and administrators national conventions. The convention in June of 2009 had an attendance of 640 teachers and administrators.

Logos Education Center (ACSI/CEL)

Since Carl was a part of developing ACSI and had worked with them in the beginning he had many relationships with the leadership people in ACSI. When Carl began to work with Logos, he recruited many of these people to come to Santo Domingo and do workshops and do training for the teachers at Logos. The Lord enabled Partners In Christ to bring some of the Logos teachers to the US for summer institutes. Out of these opportunities Logos began to mature as a Christian school. Lester felt gratitude for all of this help. The Lord impressed on him that this needed to be shared with others. Therefore, Partners and Logos organized the Logos Education Center (Centro de Entrenamiento Logos – CEL). Lester was then invited to be on the ACSI board. Since both Lester and Carl were involved with ACSI, they asked CEL if CEL could become the ACSI office in the Dominican Republic.

Juan Tomás

Paul and Linda McMillan were living in Santo Domingo and attending IBSJ in the city. When the church started Logos Christian School, Paul and Linda were on the board.. While Carl and Patricia were living in Santo Domingo, the McMillans decided to move from the city. They asked us to look with them at some property they were considering to buy. They bought the property in Juan Tomás. Partners arranged a loan for them to build a small house. We took a team of high school student down from Norfolk, VA to help finish the house and fence the property. This began Partners In Christ’s long term involvement with Juan Tomás.

Church and School at Juan Tomás

The Dominican non-profit cooperation in Juan Tomas is The Bible Center. At the Bible Center there is a church called Iglesia Centro Biblico de Juan Tomás (Central Bible Church of Juan Tomás). Fountain of Life Christian School is also there. They both use the same facility and those in leadership at the church are also teachers at the school. The missionaries are Paul & Linda McMillan. It is under their leadership that the school and church developed. Partners In Christ has worked with them from the beginning of the work in Juan Tomás. When the school was begun, we realized that the people of the village would not be able to pay enough tuition to cover all the cost of the school. Therefore, we began the sponsorship program to provide additional funds to cover the cost of the school.

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