Mission Trips

Mission trips are crucial to God’s work in this ministry. Those who participate represent the hands and feet and heart of Christ; they forge life-long relationships and memories; they make a kingdom impact.

Who participates… individuals, families, church groups, university groups, high schools, etc.

What the teams actually do… love on people, teach English, construct and refurbish buildings / classrooms / desks / houses, provide medical care to individuals, go to local worship services, experience the local culture, share the Gospel, and more.

What they experience… hot days and nights, unique foods, a different sense of community, hard and satisfying work, love for new people, a sense of USA’s extreme wealth, amazing times of worship in another language, observe others whose faith may be more real than their own, the realization that we all serve the same God with the same ultimate goals.

If you have any interest to take an amazing adventure and sense God nudging you to join us, please join us on one of our mission trips.