In March of 1985, Carl Key was contacted by the Bible Church of Jesus Christ (IBSJ) in Santo Domingo to help them establish a Christian School. They held their first classes in September of 1985. This was the beginning of Logos Christian School and Partners In Christ work with the Christian school movement on the island. Today there are many Christian schools, including Fountain of Life Christian School in Juan Tomás.

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Lester Flaquer, Director

He was called to salvation by the grace of God at the age of 29 years through the testimony of his wife and ministry of Bible Church of Jesus Christ. Pastor Flaquer was an industrial engineer, a profession he practiced at the time of his conversion. He began his training for pastoral ministry at Spurgeon's College, graduating in 1988. In 1989 he became director Logos Christian School and a year later, in 1990, he joined the board of pastors of our Church. In 2007 Lester earned a Master's in Education from Columbia International University. The Flaquer's have three children.