Linda McMillan is lactose intolerant, so she needs to have goats' milk to drink. She acquired a single goat there in the Dominican Republic. This lead to her interest in developing a goat herd. Partners In Christ worked together with Traci Lynch and was able to obtain two male goats from a goat farm in Cardington, OH. They were then shipped to the Dominican Republic. This was the beginning of the goat project. The goat herd has multiplied to around 400. Linda has trained others to raise goats. Some of her goats have been sent to Haiti and other places in the Dominican Republic. Linda has done a lot of research on developing a diet, which produces the most milk. She once went to Panama on a project organized by the US government. The project has been recognized by the Dominican government. One of the past presidents came with his wife to present an award and inspect the goat project.

This is the milk house for the dairy