Our mission is to provide children with an unmistakable inner conviction of who they are, what their life purpose is, and where they will go to in eternity as defined in the irrefutable Word of God.

Our purpose is to prepare citizens to be fully equipped academically, morally, physically, mentally and spiritually .

We help students define and fulfill their life goals by acquiring the intrinsic values of individual achievement, patriotic support, personal independence, family loyalties and productive contributions to the local and global communities.

  • The benefits of our school include:
  • Education with a higher worldview rooted in the Word of God
  • Pursuit of excellence above the lower standards of public schools
  • Superior English classes, with access to native English speakers
  • Caring teachers committed to the spiritual, academic, and personal development of the students
  • Computer classes taught in a modern computer lab
  • A close-knit community where students are always safe and welcome to play with friends
  • Students come to know God personally through Jesus Christ