What is the ACSI-CEL?

International Association of Christian Schools Logos Education Center

The Logos Education Center (CEL) comes from the common dream of several people to serve the Christian educational community of the Dominican Republic and is intended to support Christian schools by providing education and training in their task of training students to integrate the principles of a biblical worldview in their daily lives.

In 2001 strategic bonds were formed with the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), an association whose voice can be heard around the world with authority on the subject of Christian education. ACSI is recognized for providing leadership and services that allow schools to be effective in fulfilling the educational mission of educating young children and cultivating in them the mind of Christ through Christ's power to transform the world.

ACSI services include: International Accreditation, Teacher Certification, Conferences, Seminars, Leadership Academies, Schools Parent, Publications, Curriculum Texts, missionary groups and in general, support in matters of management and institutional development. It offers, in coordination with the Latin American Faculty of Theological Studies (FLET), Miami, an MA in Christian Education, Curriculum and Instruction.

In 2005, ACSI-CEL was designated the ACSI regional office for the Caribbean, giving us the opportunity to expand its services.

The ACSI Caribbean Office currently has about 45 member schools and over 300 Christian schools with which it maintains contact. Through its services, ACSI benefit directly or indirectly more than 10,000 students and approximately 1,000 teachers in different contries and Puerto Rico.

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Executive Coordinator Karen Ovalles de Peña and Director Lester Flaquer