Making an Impact

The Lord continues to impact kids’ hearts and families’ lives in great ways through this ministry.

  • Souls are being saved
  • Disciples are being produced
  • Living standards are being improved
  • Children are being educated
  • Careers are being enabled and started
  • Families are being provided for
  • Lives are being changed!

Below is an encouraging note from a boy in the school named Vicente.

"I write this letter to talk about how the week that we were working together impacted my life. I've been studying in Fountain of Life School since I was a child. I've heard God's word also. Many times I wanted to accept Jesus as my savior but I was afraid because of the world's distractions, but when we started to work with the Dayton group I discovered that I could be really happy without discos, alcoholic drinks or any other thing from the world because that was the best week of my life.

The project was a blessing for me because I could see the grace of God and I was an instrument to help others. All the people I met were really nice and good people, but I met a person who, very often talked to me about God and his grace. That person was used as an instrument of God to save me. A few days after everybody left I decided to become a Christian and now I enjoy a lot at church and I am glad I accepted Jesus. Please keep praying for me.”